what, why + who

What :: Like every over-achieving procrastinator (it’s a Virgo thing), I always have a few blogs in my back pocket. This one is the wandering child of my last project, Coffee| Served Daily, where I collected and curated 1000 coffee photos over 16 months. It’s also the blog for our design studio, Tackett+Barbaria (and in its past life it used to be  re:design). This a way for me to combine two of the wonderful connectors in my life…coffee and design. It’s my visual vacation (and I hope one for you, as well)  and a place to put my coffee while I get on with my day.

Why :: I love and work in the world of design, I am not a designer. And I love the seek+share experience of the internet. And I love stories, words, images, color, typography, discovery, and anything that takes my breath away, even for a moment. And I really, really love coffee. One blog, many loves, and I am now a multi-tasker, rather than a procrastinator (it’s all about the positioning).

Who :: I’m Kim Tackett…a new empty nester mom of two fabulous daughters, Kate and Alex, and partner of  the tolerant and patient Steve Barbaria. Steve and I have a design and marketing studio in Sacramento, CA, Tackett+ Barbaria, and we live in Davis, CA.  I also have a personal blog,  Tour of No Regrets,  and like any Virgo worth her sign, you can find me on Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

You :: Stop and say hi. Send me a great coffee photo or two. I promise they’ll have a good home here. (kim@tbdesign.com) Thanks for stopping by.


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