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July 11, 2013 § Leave a comment


I do love my Kindle, but I don’t love it more than a hard cover, cloth bound book with smart words and thoughtful typography. Add rounded corners and a ribbon bookmark and I am a goner. The Designer Says| Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom, edited by Sara Bader is making me very happy these days. Some of my favorites:

Every typeface wants to know: “Do I look fat in this paragraph?” -Ellen Lupton


If your words aren’t truthful, the finest optically letter-spaced typography won’t help. -Edward Tufte


The story of how I decided to become an artist is this: When I was a very little boy, a cousin of mine came to my house with a paper bag. He asked me if I wanted to see a bird. I thought he had a bird in the bag. He stuck his hand in the bag, and I realized that he had drawn a bird inside the bag with a pencil. I was astonished! I perceived this as being miraculous. At that moment, I decided that was what I wanted to do with my life. Create miracles. -Milton Glaser


Read. Travel. Read. Ask. Read. Learn. Read. Connect. Read. -Erik Speikermann


The nature of process, to one degree or another, involves failure. You have at it. It doesn’t work. You keep pushing. It gets better. But it’s not good. It gets worse. You go at it again. Then you desperately stab at it, believing “this isn’t going to work.” And it does!-Saul Bass


The brain is the most democratic tool that all artists and designers share. -Daniel Eatock


There are ten, maybe fifteen very good typefaces, which I can agree with at least. There are 30,000 on the market, of which 29,990 can be sunk into the Pacific Ocean without causing any cultural damage. -Kurt Wiedemann


Design is a way of looking at the world. You produce an artifact or create a system with a set of conditions, an infrastructure or an apparatus where you’ve done half the equation and you leave the rest for whoever wants to participate. -Lucille Tenazas


Take things away until you cry.-Frank Chimero


Everything hangs on something else.-Ray Eames



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