chicago | a city dressed in layers

April 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

We just returned from a 10-day trip to Chicago to visit Kate, see art and architecture and eat delicious food (and oh boy, did we). One thought kept coming to me as we wandered around public sculptures, through the Art Institute, around downtown, on the fabulous architectural boat tour, through Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, studio and neighborhood, and the Botanic Garden…this is a city dressed in layers. Kate reminded me that the proper term is thickening (which was happening to us after every meal). In April Chicago was missing the bright spring colors we have in northern California, but it made up for it in a festival of layers and texture (and food, did I mention the food yet?).

IMG_3455 IMG_3560 IMG_3597  IMG_3655   IMG_4023 IMG_4113  IMG_4189  IMG_4248   IMG_4405 IMG_4732 IMG_4805 IMG_4809    IMG_4268          IMG_4491



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