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Chicago Botanic Gardens and Coffee at Elly’s Pancake House, Chicago April 2013.


Chicago corner and coffee at Metropolis, Chicago April 2013.


chicago | a city dressed in layers

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We just returned from a 10-day trip to Chicago to visit Kate, see art and architecture and eat delicious food (and oh boy, did we). One thought kept coming to me as we wandered around public sculptures, through the Art Institute, around downtown, on the fabulous architectural boat tour, through Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, studio and neighborhood, and the Botanic Garden…this is a city dressed in layers. Kate reminded me that the proper term is thickening (which was happening to us after every meal). In April Chicago was missing the bright spring colors we have in northern California, but it made up for it in a festival of layers and texture (and food, did I mention the food yet?).

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the reconstructionists

April 17, 2013 § 1 Comment

Oh wow. Loving this project, a collaboration of writer Maria Popova, curator of BrainPickings, and artist Lisa Congdon, titled The Reconstructionists — a yearlong celebration of remarkable women across art, science, and literature, both famous and esoteric, who have changed the way we define ourselves as a culture and live our lives as individuals of any gender. Each Monday we are (re)introduced to a new portrait and narrative, and a little bit of inspiration. I so thrilled to witness  a great idea,  a perfect collaboration, and a commitment to carry it out. Wow and thank you.

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inspired by the bag tag

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UK-based illustrator and designer Neil Stevens has created a series of beautiful minimalist posters inspired by old airline baggage tags. Featuring the iconic three-letter abbreviations of cities, Stevens reworked the typography and unique details to created some really fabulous text-based prints. I’ll take London, please.

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and a pony, too

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My daughter, Kate, posted this on Pinterest for me. Oh my goodness….truth, truth, truth.

art mapped out

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Everyone knows we can’t get enough maps here at Tackett+Barbaria. Steve has done a series of paintings focused on maps, I made a map table for the studio, we made 150 map paper airplane maps for Alex’s high school graduation party, and I wrap most every gift in maps. But the truth is, for day-to-day navigation, we turn to Siri. I’ve been compensating by collecting map art for a special day on on our Tumblr (April 5, go check it out). I have 50 so far, which may make my followers crazy, but it makes me happy. Here are some of my favorites.


1. words and glitter  2. Elizabeth Lecourt 3. Ingrid Dabringer 4. Nikki Rosato 5. doug beube

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