drawing coffee

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While I do love a coffee photo I can almost taste and smell (see previous project at Coffee|Served Daily), I have to admit, hand drawn coffee makes more sense. It just seems to be more craft compatible. Sources and Credits: 1. A Loss of Thought  2, 3, 4. draw coffee5, 6. Paul Westcombe


packaging so delicious you could drink it…

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Quite honestly, much of the new and groovy coffee packaging is starting to look the same to me. There’s not much I love more than well-rendered type, but I think I am ready for a fresh new idea. I don’t know that I am ready for a new beverage (coffee will always be my go-to drinking partner), but I love these designs (via the Dieline).

1_13_13_ lamuyfresca_2

Designed By: Grupo Oxigeno for Soul Limitada


Emporio Tea. Designed by Inject Design, Wellington, New Zealand

01_07_13_altar_1 01_07_13_altar_3

Altar Martini. Designed by The Gooder Companies, NY and OKO Design Studio, Portland, OR


Just T. Design by Atelier Christian von der Heide.


Fortis Brandy. Designed by Parallax Design

And my favorite…


Beer label design by Bedow for Mikkeller. “This Wild Winter Ale is the fourth in a series of four seasonal beers released during 2012. The label is printed with a heat sensitive color — when the label gets warm the apple tree loses its leaves. Limited to 3,500 bottles.” Brilliant.

simply iconic

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Created out of a love for posters, modernism and television, there wasn’t a client out there to commission such a job so Austrian designer Albert Exergian wrote his own brief and created a series of  65 posters. Coffee, tea and TV…love it! Here are some of my favorites…

6062 tumblr_md8j4cYfAB1qzx38ro1_500 tumblr_md8iw7lvnB1qzx38ro1_500 tumblr_md8ihl3aj61qzx38ro1_500tumblr_md8irmobA51qzx38ro1_500

coffee supreme

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Vancouver, BC designer, Ben Didier (from Pretty/Ugly Design), for New Zealand’s Coffee Supreme. I pretty much love, believe and want it all. The coffee orders are packaged with the hand lettered print. Perfect blend of coffee and design, don’t you think?


joy in a cup

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Some delightful packaging for Irish company, Cavistons, from illustrator Steve Simpson. While I do love the restrained typographic designs that seem to be part of today’s coffee branding, I love a fresh cup even more. If I had one of these disposable cups, I promise I would keep it.

name that team

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From the fun folks at Pop Chart Labs. A comprehensive taxonomy of 482 professional baseball team names, spanning over 150 years and covering teams from the bigs to the minor and independent leagues, as well as the Negro Leagues, the Nippon Professional Baseball league, and more. Styled like an old school baseball card, this is the definitive guide to the nation’s pastime. Oh, and it’s beautiful, too.  Detail:


anatomy lesson

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By Sophie Wilson

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