proof that once again, mother nature is the best designer of all

December 18, 2012 § 1 Comment

Russian photographer Andrew Osokin takes ridiculously close up photos of snowflakes. Snowflakes as sculpture, that’s what it is.  Beautiful! Via This is Colossal.   You know, I love paper, and print, and the internet…but really, nothing trumps nature when it comes to design. And this week, especially, we could all use a little inspired beauty, don’t you think?

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coffee with friends

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I’ve been neglecting my caffeinated friends lately. They stayed with me during my coffee | served daily adventure and continue to check in and send me photos of their fabulous cups. I kind of miss the days when all I had to do was muster up a cup of coffee, though I love mustering up all kind of other trouble. So here we go, coffee with friends.

19th October Heligan0130th May espresso

Sally Mitchell, Cornwall, UK.

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Tonya Russ Price, Charlotte, NC.


Brendan Albano, Chicago, IL I believe this was taken in Eugene, OR.

Photo1 photo[2] photo[1]

Kate Barbaria (my daughter!), Chicago, IL . Coffee in Eugene OR and Davis CA. In fact, I think I recognize my kitchen counter. She’s a sly and stealthy one, that Kate.


Brenda Gaumer, Brea CA. My favorite aunt and world traveler (along with Uncle Bob). Turkish tea ceremony, overlooking the Black Sea.

IMG_2735 IMG_2727

And my own coffees, at Temple Coffee in Sacramento, CA.

the bigger picture

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Trembling Giants

Michael Paukner is a freelance designer in Vienna, Austria who sees, and draws, the bigger picture. All of his work is intriguing, but some of it stops me in my tracks. He made me look twice, which I guess is the point. Check his work out here.

Pine Cone 5455291195_33e961f0e7_b 5805008327_3458a63bb3_b 7350958670_52c6e05cf6_b

wintery coffee

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My interpretation of global warming. Compiled at 3:00 a.m. on a night (morning!) when I probably shouldn’t have had so much coffee.

1. kvlv 2. augustmornin 3. that coffee house 4. tea and coffee paradise 5. and 6. winter cozy7. espresso beans and coffee grounds 8. coffee for the soul

create more, why dontcha?

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Because caffeinating and creative-making are the perfect pairing. By Promise Tangeman via Curiosity Counts.

pairings :: in the clouds

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Sources: cup from conflicting heart. cabin from cabin porn (which is about cabins, not porn, really).

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