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From the folks at  Pop Chart Lab  who really know how to make a diagram anyone could love. Click for a better view or pop over (no pun intended) to get a closer look. (via Dear Coffee I Love You).


go froth and conquer

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Sources: 1 and 4. That Coffee House 2-3. La Barista 5-6. espresso beans


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Source: be type via that coffee house.

gasp again

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Sources: 1. barefoot traveller 2, 6.bippityboppityboo  3, 4, 5.  keeping high hopes 7. pineconez.

The first gasp was here.

two goods

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Good coffee and good books by Brian Patrick Todd.

fair is fair

August 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

Fair is Fair Trade silkscreened poster by Strawberry Luna. It was originally created in 2008 as a part of a coffee-themed art show to benefit a Peruvian fair trade collective. The text below the cup reads: “Fair is fair * Justo es justo”, a belief and practice that ought to be as ubiquitous as the iconic Greek diner & NYC take out cups. Proceeds from the current reprint will benefit Fair Trade USA.

pairings :: orange you glad?

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Sources: Chair from Out came the sun. Coffee from my desk, first seen on Coffee|Served Daily.

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