a little graphic love for london olympics

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Sigh. Have you been just a little disappointed in the London Olympics logo? Yeah, me too (though not as disappointed as the fact that NBC is so America-centric and I have yet to hear one national anthem other than ours…and have yet to see a feature on anyone other than an American…sigh squared). Of course, just when those who are seasoned professionals start to falter, the students come along and show us what’s what. Check out the posters done (in 2009) by University College Falmouth student Alan Clarke . Perfect score, I think.

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a short coffee break in london

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london’s calling

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out of this world

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By Dov Kotev

pairings :: with a few books

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times two

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just because it had to be shared

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I don’t even have a cup of coffee to pair with this, but I couldn’t pass it by. It seems that we always look to the long road for inspiration. The one with the viewpoint vanishing into the mountains, or the sea, or at the very least, a sunset. But this, this requires a different kind of inspiration, dontcha think? One that has no clear answer, and requires just a little more creativity.

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